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Berawal dari kegiatan membersihkan pantai di Malaysia, seorang wanita bernama Dominique terinspirasi membuat karya seni dari sampah. Ia memulai dengan membuat kura-kura Hawksbill, salah satu hewan laut yang kini tengah terancam punah. Dominique kemudian melanjutkan kreasinya seni dari sampah tersebut dan mengunggahnya ke media sosial dengan tagar #projectlittercritter. Proyek tersebut pun viral hingga orang-orang lain juga terinspirasi membuat karya dari sampah seperti Dominique.

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This seemingly cute turtle has more of a sinister undertone. She was made up entirely of waste that has been collected from the beaches around the island (a very, very small selection of it - see my Stories for the whole extent). @batubatuisland has their own conservation team who work tirelessly to monitor, research and subsequently improve the marine life around the island - with a strong focus on turtles. There’s a turtle hatchery on the resort where the eggs are monitored, kept away from predators (both human and otherwise), and when hatched are given safe passing into the sea. Between 2014 and 2017 more than 20,000 eggs were located to the hatchery; 53% of those hatched and were successfully released into the sea - yey! We’ve now adopted a nest of 140 Hawksbill Turtle eggs who will hatch between 13 August - 1st September (dates that cover both Penny and Boy Dom’s birthdays) and once they do, we’ll be sent videos of their release into the sea. We also went to a turtle talk a few days ago and here is some of the upsetting statistics and facts that we learned: • The turtle has lived in our ocean for over 150 million years. • The Leatherback turtle population has declined by 99% • The Green turtle is now endangered and the Hawksbill Turtle is critically endangered (both of which can be found around Batu Batu). • Only 1 in 1000 hatchlings will reach adulthood - and it is the increasing problems caused by humans that are threatening their future survival; poaching, pollution of the ocean (many autopsies have found plastic bags inside turtle’s stomachs which, in the water, would have resembled jellyfish - a turtles favourite food). Being caught in fishing nets and illegal trading of their eggs, meat and shells all contribute to their diminishing numbers. Before I came here, I had no idea that some breeds of turtles were so close to extinction. Turtles are gentle and beautiful creatures, and the thought that both of my daughters could grow up in a world where they no longer exist is truly heartbreaking.#projectlittercritter

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