header ramblings of love

CERPEN: Ramblings of Love

Maybe we're too focused on defining how love is supposed to be conveyed and conceived
peluk beta jangan hanya jawa 1

PUISI: Peluk beta, Jangan hanya Jawa

“setelah kau copet kekayaanku, kau tusuk aku punya hati.”
love like this

PUISI: Love Like This

I have never felt this happier until you, the one who came into my life and broke the myth of my love story.
i hope you can learn and move on

PUISI: I Hope that You Can Learn and Move On

Now you actually understand that there's no turning back~
saving face 01

PUISI: Saving Face

I am adult enough to not stay silent when you deal with words so carelessly
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CERPEN: Perihal Semuanya yang Berakhir Dusta

Ketika semuanya berakhir dengan dusta~

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