i hope you can learn and move on

Now you actually understand that there's no turning back~

You saw what you were about to lose,
mistakes or love, you had to choose.

You said that you were going to change long time ago, but it was breaking down, and you chose to let me go.

Now you admit that your sorry ain't ever worth my heart, my tears, and those scars that might not heal.

Even though you said
I was the best you've ever had.
Even tho you said
I was the one and only winner.
I'm tired of being in the same place,
being that last in the same race.

We'd been here before
And I didn't want to give up
But for the umpteenth time,
you let me walked out the door.

Now you actually understand
that there's no turning back.
And finally, right in front of you,
darling, you saw your lost.

Instagram: @puanlunar