love like thisI have never felt this happier until you, the one who came into my life and broke the myth of my love story.

I have always tried to hide the scarred eye
away. But no matter how big the smile was,
or how much the make ups I wore, it stays
forever. Every time I looked myself into the
mirror, it was killing my confidence slowly.

I have always wondered who would love
someone with a scar clearly written on the
face. I know that no one is perfect, but at
least I could’ve made a better impression
if the scar wasn’t there in the first place.

And there was you, the one who told me
that I am beautiful just the way I am. No
big smiles, no make ups, nothing to hide of.
You held my hands and looked deep into my
eyes to make sure that I got the message.

And in that moment, for heaven’s sake, my
heart was fluttering uncontrollably and my
face was flushing red, if you could see and
feel. It felt like a moment of sincere bliss,
a moment where I finally let go of the scars.

I have never felt this happier until you,
the one who came into my life and broke
the myth of my love story. That someone
would love me wholeheartedly even with
the scars and all the ‘terms and conditions’.

I couldn’t say anything but thank you.
Thank you for everything— all the small
things and the reminders that makes me
believe I am deserve to be loved and
capable of loving someone, like you.